Prep Table is a social enterprise with a mission to make the food industry more open, fair and ethical for producers, suppliers, employees and customers. We aim to do this by being a model of best employer practice. We use top quality, healthy, locally produced and ethically sustainable food in our café and external catering service. Alongside this, we aim to provide space, support and education about food to others to encourage wider changes in the food industry.



Our Ethos & Objectives


Acting as a benchmark for high quality food, prepared on site which is priced fairly and ethically sourced.


Encourage healthy eating. Collaborating with communities, local authorities, public health and other organisations, to find the barriers to sustaining this in daily life and the solutions to combat it.


Providing every person, regardless of their background, access to good food.


Offering the chance for people to learn how to cook, supporting other organisations to deliver this to whoever they support.

From December 2017, PT has worked closely with 9 of the biggest organisations tackling homelessness within the Edinburgh area; to provide kitchen management, cooking groups, dining events and flexible volunteer positions for and with the people they support.

External catering tasks provided us with suitable volunteer positions to give to people we worked with in those organisations, as well as a regular income to support our projects with charitable partners. Customers were fellow social enterprises, third sector networking groups, public sector bodies and private care businesses.


Prep Table Services


Prep Table Café
NHS Comely Bank Centre

Open: Monday – Friday
8.30am – 2.00pm

For queries or information about our café please contact Daniel on 07453445144 or at dan.preptablescotland@gmail.com


Opening in August 2019, Prep Table was offered the opportunity to run an independent café space in partnership with the NHS. After a long period without a catering space in the Centre, we have worked hard to build a profitable café model. We offer staff and trainees at the Comely Bank Centre access to high quality, locally sourced, fresh, and healthy food; with a focus on vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free options, as well as locally roasted espresso coffees and a range of home-made and healthy option snacks.

Our café is committed to reducing waste and minimising our impact on the environment. Here are some examples of measures we have taken:

  • We have worked hard to refine our methods and processes to ensure customers have different food options whilst minimising food waste.

  • We are continually working to minimise packaging waste from our suppliers - our Mossgiel Farm milk is delivered in reusable containers and we use compostable coffee cups.

  • We are always looking to find eco-friendly alternatives in the café - for example, we have replaced cling film with reusable silicon lids.


For enquiries and details on groupwork sessions in our café or your space, please contact Fiona on 07453303371 or at preptablescotland@gmail.com


We host group cooking sessions at our café, after opening hours - or we can host them at your kitchen space. The attendees can be any age, can be people you support, your community or your colleagues. Skills can be tailored for the home, community spaces or your workplace, giving yourself and your colleagues and volunteers the ability to run a kitchen and share your new skills with clients.

  • Sessions can be as little as an hour, or as much as a full day.

  • Choose what you’d like to learn and have access to our easy to follow recipes.

  • Learn how to implement Food Hygiene Certification outcomes in a practical environment.

  • Learn how to cook for larger groups in a short space of time.

  • Allergen-free cooking.

  • Budget and zero waste cooking.


For more information on the service, and to discuss how we can help, please contact Daniel on 07453445144 or at dan.preptablescotland@gmail.com


We provide external catering in line with our zero waste/minimum waste model. This can be collected from our café or delivered to you via electronic trike. Delivery charges apply along with minimum orders.

  • Low environmental impact.

  • Meals that suit all dietary requirements.

  • Delivered in reusable containers.

  • Container collection service available.

  • Seasonal and local produce.

  • Tailor-make items for your event.

Please note that due to limitations with our delivery service, we cannot provide drinks. However, we are happy to advise on other options. We aim to be clear and transparent about our pricing and aim to cater for all tastes.

Recent clients have included People Know How, who asked us to provide hot food for 120 people at a workshop event at their premises.


Contact Fiona on 07453303371 or at preptablescotland@gmail.com


As well as providing in house cooking and kitchen management training for community groups, social enterprises, public sector and charities, you can contact us about the following:

  • Supporting community cafés throughout Scotland.

  • Championing fair employment within hospitality sectors.

  • Lobbying for change within food and hospitality industries.

  • Accessing ethical suppliers.

  • Collaborative community food projects.


Helping us achieve our goals

Our Funders

Social Partners

Friends of Prep Table


The Prep Table Journey


After being awarded £5,000 Start It funds from First Port, I went from running small community dining events to forming strong partnerships with many incredible organisations, who support people who are rough sleeping, or in temporary or supported accommodation.

I have learnt so much from the staff and the structure of these organisations and from the people who we work together to support. I have also learnt an incredible amount from our funders, the groups of which we are members, and other social enterprises. I could not have done this without being lucky enough to have my mentors. Legal structures, finance, funding applications, monitoring social impact, policies and procedures and employing people are examples of what I have had to learn over the past year.

Among the biggest challenges has been not having a base for the enterprising side of the business. Learning so much in a very short space of time whilst doing the day to day work was also very tough - and holidays, friendships and relationships with family had to take a back seat. It was also hard living off £700 a month: paying rent and trying to survive whilst working every day of the week. Thankfully that challenge was ended when, in August 2018, First Port awarded me £20,000 for a salary, with a further £5,000 towards another hire. I was able to look after myself a bit more, and to focus only on those projects and businesses which are closely in line with the mission of Prep Table.

At the same time - two days prior to be exact - I pitched to a panel of 9 people, after a 3 month programme with Big Issue Invest Power Up Scotland. There, Prep Table was awarded investment of £50,000. This investment was given largely because of the chance of a sustainable business model through a café space at the training centre for NHS Lothian - with a grant of nearly £70,000 from Edinburgh Lothian Health Foundation.

This allowed me to employ Prep Table’s first new staff member - we will be employing another 3 people who are supported by the organisations we work with. We are looking forward to having a base to fully utilise food surplus, and to co-ordinate food to make sure nowhere has too little or too much; to hold stock; to work with local producers and suppliers; to invite those we work with within organisations to come for added experience, voluntary and employment positions, and to act as an example of how being a chef really can be one of the best jobs in the world.

Fiona Donaldson, founder