With a combined experience in social work and cheffing, our Edinburgh-based staff are well equipped to provide the perfect all around support for our service users. We believe in removing labels and seeing what's beneath, giving people the confidence and the tools to find themselves again and to reach their potential; whether it's through working with us in the kitchen, or eating a meal we have cooked for them. Its about dignity and respect.


Empowering people through food, providing freedom of choice and the means to give, receive and to share in a comfortable, relaxed environment. We believe that everyone deserves to feel the pleasure of good food and that somebody has taken the time and effort to cook for them because they matter.


Why we do what we do

There is a constantly growing number of people, many in employment, who are unable to stretch their income far enough to be able to feed themselves properly; to have any income to spend with friends and family. This can be because of a lack of the availability of full time work, astronomic rent, growing debts and living costs that continue to rise month on month. Some may say: be thankful that someone has given you something at all - but lack of income and access to social events hit hard on relationships and on mental health. Why shouldn't everyone be entitled to good quality food, variety, a place to sit with their loved ones and enjoy themselves? Or feel like someone actually cares enough to cook for them, and that they matter just as much as all the other hard working people out there who are lucky enough to be afforded a decent lifestyle? Why do people have to lose the rights to their individuality, to have likes/dislikes, passions and interests?


Helping us achieve our goals

We act as a food consultancy, catering and education service for charitable organisations who support people, to show them the true power of food.

  • We work alongside Rock Trust, managing their food and running their new catering academy. This includes working with young people, to provide delivery or takeaway main meals and desserts for 40 people living in temporary accommodation.

  • We run short classes with Streetwork every second Wednesday evening and are in line to help in the set up their breakfast club and pop up restaurant events at their hub every 2 months.

  • We work with Cyrenians and Home Start to run demonstrations for families on low incomes in West Lothian, with minimal ingredients and equipment. This is part of Cyrenians new veg bag pilot, making sure the produce from their farm is accessible to all.

  • Edinburgh Social Enterprise Network operates "To enable growth of the sector, economy and society based on; robust research; development of key partnerships; creation of virtual and physical spaces to meet, exchange ideas and knowledge and coproduce and learn; accessible to all who have a desire to effect lasting change"

We know the importance of engaging with established organisations who share our passion and vision. These are places where people are already comfortable and are able to learn and eat alongside people they already know, instead of asking them to come to a strange place. We are flexible when asking for commitment, so we can offer something to those who don't know how they will feel day to day. Our consultancy allows organisations to offer fresh cooked meals to their clients, allowing them to offer a full support service. We also educate their clients in cooking impressive, inspiring dishes to build confidence and pass on valuable skills.


People, Food, and Events: at Prep Table Edinburgh

People: Cooking & Befriending

Work alongside our chefs, listening to great music, learning the skills that interest you and choose the dishes or baking that you want to learn. Gain advice on working in the industry and setting up your C.V, trial shifts and interview skills, further training and access to advice on benefits, housing, overcoming addictions. Visit independent food stores, farms and other organisations.

Food: Supplying & Catering

We supply community cafes across Scotland with baking and soups; working with customers to tailor our products to their customer requirements. We are open to pricing discussions, to ensure we work together to benefit the people of Edinburgh and promote social justice.

Community: Events & Evening Meals

Sit down to a great affordable or free meal with various sides and dessert, in a relaxed environment. Listen to talks and live music, get advice on benefits, housing and organisations that can help you.


Working with...

The Breadmaker

We spent a day with The Breadmaker, the mentoring we received and still receive from their fantastic organisation is incredibly valuable. The Bread Maker is a commercially focused social enterprise producing high-quality bread and confectionery. The purpose of their business activities is to provide meaningful training, educational and social activities to adults with learning disabilities who are excluded from mainstream society.

Edinburgh Council

The Social Welfare Fund Team will be working alongside us to refer diners to us who cannot afford to pay for a meal, or who can only afford a reduced price.

Edinburgh Soup

Firstport linked up with Edinburgh Soup to host an event where they supported people with solutions to issues within social justice. Fiona pitched Prep Table at the event and scooped top prize, of over £1,300 of donations from Firstport, Rabbies Tours and the generous audience.

Faith Mission

Community cafes are integral to promoting affordable and comfortable eating environments for local residents. We supply the Faith Mission cafe with great quality baked goods and in return, they kindly spread the word about our organisation.


Firstport are our partners, funders and business advisors. They are integral to the foundations and growth of Prep Table.

Game Changer

This year we will be partnering with two fantastic organisations to provide Christmas themed banquets, as part of the Game Changer initiative set up by Hibernian F.C and NHS Lothian.

Social Firms Scotland

We would not be where we are now without the incredible support we've received from Social Firms. Whether it's networking, moral support, access to funding streams, Social Firms have excelled in each and allowed us to progress considerably in a very short space of time.